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Install Chrome Extension

Click MusicDownload to Install Chrome Extension (Free Music Downloader). You can use the extension to download the videos you like, it the Extension has been Installed.

How to Use Chrome Extension?

1. Go and Watching video, if Extension can parse the video, just click Extension 'Download' button.

2. If can't get parse the video, you may need key in a music/artist name to the input box. Click the 'Search' button.

3. You can download or convert the video now.

Before use, Please drag FreeMDZ to BookMarkBar.

Bookmarklet is a shortcut that can help to download music , like browser plugin, but it doesn't have as many permissions as plugin.

Bookmarklet is a link, like other bookmark you stored in bookmark bar. so there is no risky to use Bookmarklet to download music. With bookmarklet you can download music with only need two click, so it can ease use and fast to download.

For first time use, it need just four steps, and only two steps if already dragged bookmarket to your bookmark bar.

Step 1: Show bookmarks bar

Chrome press ctrl + shift + B

Firefox first press alt + V, then press T, last press B

show bookmark bar

Step 2: Drag bookmarklet to bookmark bar

drag bookmarklet

Step 3: Watch Videos and click bookmarklet

Go to your favorite video site and watch videos eg:

Then click bookmarklet, for download

all supported site see: Support Site

use bookmarklet

Step 4: Download the music

download video
Install Chrome Extension